Most of the people believe all the poker games to be same. But there is obviously a large difference between each poker game that the people must understand. To be specific the difference between the casino games and home based games must be understood by everyone. There is lot of difference that occur between the casino games and home poker games.


The basic rules involved in all the poker games are similar but the rules will be maintained very strict at the casinos. There are something’s that the people at home do not mind which will be treated as a big mistake in the casinos. For example in case of the casinos the players must have their cards placed on the table whereas in home based games most of the players keep their cards on the laps or over other places. These mistakes will not be allowed in the casinos.

Another problem is that the beginners protect their cards when they play the games at the casinos. If your card touches the center of the table then the card is considered as muck and will be treated as dead. Many such instances have occurred in the casinos where the people throw the cards on table to show others what they have.


The number of players will be more in the casinos when compared to the home games. There will be a good difference in the competitions that occur between the players at home and between the players in casinos. Mostly the home based games are considered to be played for fun whereas in casinos the players take the game serious. The goal for the player is to earn money.

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