The history of the slot machine began in 1887 when Charles Fey from San Francisco, California created the first automatic mechanism. The first slot machine had three reels with five symbols including hearts, diamonds, spades, horseshoes, and a Liberty Bell. For those that hit three Liberty Bells the jackpot payoff was ten nickels.

In 1907, the slot machine was very popular and Herbert Mills of Chicago created a new machine known as the Operator Bell. By 1908, these machines were found in bowling alleys, brothels, cigar stores, and even barber shops.

1963 saw a change in slot machine history with the invention of the electro-mechanical slot machine known as Money Honey. This was the very first slots that offer a bottomless hopper with an automatic payout for up to 500 coins. This increased the popularity of slots machines across the nation.

Video slot machines that you see everywhere today was not invented until 1976 by Fortune Coin Company with the brains of CA by N. Cerracchio, R. Greene, W. Beckman, J. Reukes, and L. Black behind the design. The first slot machine of this type was placed in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, which was approved by the Nevada State Gaming Commission, and from there the popularity grew.

A bit of slot machine history has brought us up to today, where many of the favorite slot machines have their own history. One of the most popular offering its own history is the very memorable titan casino Frankie Dettori’s slots. The basic mechanics of the slot machine may be found in the history of any other slot machine, however, the theme is completely different that fruits or cards. The Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven slot game is created after the legendary jockey Frankie Dettorie and his magnificent seven wins all accomplished in one day in 1986.

The graphics, sounds, and live video footage help to add more flair to the game as you spin the reels and hope for a bonus game, where you can choose a horse to win the race. The slot machine offers 5 reels with 25 pay lines. The best part of all is if you hit the right combination, you could win up to 7,777 times your bet in just one spin.

You can also enjoy the history found with titan casino desert treasure slots as you spin to win and hit bonus games that allows you to look for hidden treasure in the Arabian Desert.

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